Co-Pioneers in Mo*town!

MO*town is not just a new-build project; it is a new-build project where you, as a future resident, have control over the design and the result.

How it works?

Meet our ‘MO-ers’

We asked our MO-ers (MO-er stands for Mede Opdrachtgever, i.e. co-commisioner) who have particpated since the very start, what it’s like to make decisions together. What is it like to create your very own living environment?

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More about living in Sloterdijk

Sloterdijk – Reborn

Over the coming years, Sloterdijk will be transformed into a vibrant area where people not only work and socialise, but also live, attend school, play sports, and spend their free time.

More about location, surroundings & accessibility

Danny, the architect of Track 9a

Together with the MO-ers, Danny van Kessel is working on building Track 9a. We asked him about the added value of co-commissioning, green space, and good public areas.

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  • On the new website 'Uptown Sloterdijk' you will find everything about what is happening in this dynamic area, now and in the near future.

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  • MO*town started as a tender, i.e. a competition/selection by the municipality of Amsterdam, whereby the best plan for an area is selected.

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  • Maarten and Britta provide process support for the co-commissioners. What does that entail

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More Mo*town

Doing business in MO*town?

There are a limited number of 300 m² units on the ground floor, with a few spots in the MO*town plinth.

Do you want to enrich Sloterdijk’s new style with your business, in an area where at least 5,000 homes will be built in the coming years?

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Jolijn, the architect of Track 6

Jolijn is the architect of building Track 6. We interviewed her about its intimate and character-filled courtyard, up to and including nature-inclusive construction.

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